The Team

Marcin Burzyński – President & Treasurer

Marcin came from Poland through Belgium, Indonesia, and Nepal to Namibia, where he has been for more than 3 years now. His background is in culture science. He has been with Back to School Namibia almost from the beginning. Over the years, he has learned that money is not the most important thing in life, but it can help a lot. He keeps our wallet under his watchful eye as the president and treasurer.

Laura Korventausta – Vice President

Our Finnish member Laura has been living in Namibia for the past 2,5 years. After her own babies grew a little older she wanted to devote her time also to the Namibian school children. The power of education is what drives her work for Back to School Namibia.

Laura Brandt – Co-Secretary

Originally from the USA, Laura emigrated with her family to Namibia 30 years ago. As a Public Health doctor and Pediatrician, she is passionate about improving child, family and community health. She feels that children’s education lays a foundation for making that a reality, now and in the future. She joined Back To School Namibia in 2021 to offer practical help in facilitating access to education for children in need living in remote areas of Namibia.

Alicia Dipierri – Co-Secretary

Born in Argentina, she has lived in several European countries and the USA and traveled the world extensively. Currently residing in Namibia, Alicia is pursuing her Ph.D. in food sustainability (Belgium). Her curiosity and love for people have driven her to explore new cultures, form meaningful connections with individuals from all walks of life, and try to help others. Back To School Namibia felt like the perfect fit, a great platform to support kids accessing equitable education.

Ilaria Stefanzzi – Charity Co-Coordinator

Ilaria is Italian. She moved with her family to Namibia 6 years ago, attracted by its wilderness. She wanted to offer her kids the opportunity of growing up here. Ilaria works in tourism and through this, she has observed the plight of children living in rural areas, many of whom have restricted access to education. Ilaria wanted to help. She joined the BtSN team, and through her involvement with European tourists, she has facilitated the delivery of donations to needy rural schools.

Ania Łukawiecka – Charity Co-Coordinator

Ania was born in Poland and her great passion is travelling. The first time she came to Namibia more then 20 years ago for ethnographic field research. Now she is a tour guide and travels with her clients, offering trips that give opportunity to learn about country, culture, nature but also to meet the people who live here. She likes to encourage clients to donate to Namibian kids and help as to deliver stationaries to remote areas in Namibia.

Inès Duclairoir – Communication Coordinator

She is a French project manager in the renewable energy industry, having worked in countries such as Morocco, Finland, and Zambia, before settling in Namibia. In addition, Inès is an offshore skipper and loves being on the sea. Above all, she is always looking to discover new cultures and take part in impactful projects through teamwork, building strong friendships and partnerships.

Marta Ruiz – Adviser

Born in Spain and lived in 7 different countries already. After this time in Namibia, Marta has learned about the great inequality that exists in the population and perpetuates patterns of poverty. Helping with early education is key to breaking the pattern.

Virginie Schaffert – Former President & Founder

Virginie left her home country France many years ago to live abroad. The past few years she has been staying in Namibia. Seeing the enormous needs of Namibian schools, especially in far-off rural areas, has moved her to engage and found “Back to School Namibia”.

Cäcilia Werner – Former Secretary & Founder

Our French German secretary is a force of nature. Her great sense of humor makes working with her so much fun. Believing that anything is possible Cäcilia will go in 100% to make good things happen.

Janine Deselaers – Former Communication Coordinator

Janine Deselaers, our Chilean-German former Social Media and Website Manager, has enjoyed to work for Back to School Namibia for the past 2 years. She recently left her tasks in the capable hands of new team members that have joined with loads of new energy to focus on her PhD thesis.